Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Best Pakistani Rock Songs PART 1 in NO PARTICULAR ORDER


This song is like the first song that I had listened to from a band in south asia. Awesome singing Ali Azmat at his best.

Another song of Junoon which was an Anthem was Dosti

I DEDICAtE This SOng to every FRIEND of mine.

2) THE CALL( A band which had songs randing from slow rock to METAL in the same album)
First I would add the song which is so soothing and is hard hitting.

Awesome singing.

Then i would add the metal kinda song whcih is not completely metal but close to it.

Awesome power drumming and guitars are good too.

3) Strings (THis is a pop kinda band but with awesome singing and guitars.)

there are number of songs of these guys which are big hits in India but next one is a song which was chosen as the soundtrack for Spiderman 2

4) Fuzon ( This is a band which just broke all boundaries with just one song Mora Saiyan)

Awesome Singing and really awesome tune.

The next song is just another love ballad but an awesome song and actor in the video is Wasim Akram :)

The rest of the bands in the next post

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Define Sting Operation- Its an investigation done in a deceptive way in order to catch a CRIMINAL.

I read a news in NDTV not more than 24 hours back saying that TV9 conducted a STING Operation on Gay people and called them after finding information about them in some social networking.

I don't know how this is a STING operation, You are actually getting inside the personal life of people, they are not criminals and its their personal life they can choose whatever they want. Did they come to you and disturb ya or distract you or did they do anything, They are just living their lives why don't you guys just live yours. Secondly you calling people with information got from an website is CHEAP as SHIT.

By you calling them, people would have known who that person is and don't you guys know about India they might loose their house, job, friends and worst may be his family. And what do you guys conclude at the last.... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you guys said its against nature and its against the govt etc and so nature tells ya to humiliate and kill a person. I just love this world when people twist up shit in any way they want just to make a few fucking bucks. There is nothing in this nation which happens against govt only this happens. If we do a sting operation on people in your own TV station we would find 1000 different unlawful you would have done to save a few bucks on tax etc.

I am not against TV9 I am just thinking why do you have to do something like this, Gay people are not asking for your support or acceptance all they ask of ya right now is to stop putting ur finger into the pile of shit they excrete. Media GROW UP . I am sure the Govt would not do a thing to this even if a case is raised but I hope all these condtion change.

And worst than all this NDTV takes that and plays in their channel saying what TV9 is doing is wrong etc, You made a state news into a national news for no reason.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music is in my bodyyyyyyyyyyy so the next few post would be my favourites in diff genres



Metallica Unforgiven II, I am aint dat big a metallica fan but i just love this song as it is awesomeeeeeeeee lyrics is too good.


Guns N Roses- Don't Cry- Its an awesome song and me being a fan of SLASH i just love this song.


Scorpions Still loving you. Listen to the Lyrics guys its just pure magic.


Aerosmith- I don't wanna miss a thing. Steve Tyler will just mesmerize with his rendition of a song of this kind and you would just love it.


Santana Ft Steven Tyler Just feel better- The guitar would just kill ya its an awesome exp when you listen to this song. You will surely feel better after listening to this.

Do comment onwat genre you want the next list to be in

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life of a grad student

I know this for sure any person in America doing their masters or Phd wud be on my side after reading this post.
DEFINE grad life...........

I dont think thats a difficult question to answer is it. I would rather say that grad life is the time in which u understand urself and u surprise urself by doing stuffs u never ever wud have thot u wud do :) :) i know i wanted to make it look confusing coz dats grad life. One liner for grad life.... its a sweet horrifying journey with an uncertain destination. I personally came to do my Phd dats after i finish my masters of course, with so much dreams and a thought in the corner of my brain. You wanna know wat that thought is.... Guys its easy you wud have had the same misleading shit in ur head too, its nothing but fun and opportunities. Now i dont think a grad student has any of the two, I never thought i would be working this hard in my life, bak in my ug i dont even remember working... now all i can think of is work its a complete transformation you might say. People who know me well bak in India know that i dont stay even for a brief time span without music and over here i listen to it say for an hour everyday. I dont know whether these changes are good or bad but it just makes me a better person makes me understand myself better now i can define myself which i was not able to do a few months bak. Masters is basically making love to your computer or ur test machine etc and waiting for it to reciprocate it. You might have to try it from diff positions too till you get the most satisfying and useful one :) :) . I cant complain that i have lost much after i started my masters but i sure did learn a lot.... But will this journey lead me to a good future is still shady but who the heck cares right now...... so in short if i shud define grad life it wud be..... PATHLESS PATH TO A KNOWABLE UNKNOWN :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here I am back with a blog post after abt 6 months,

I am just gonna write about a thing which defines me...... MYSELF :)

I always wanted to write about myself which is actually really very tough for any person. Anyways here i go...................

People kinda think of me as a guy who does not talk, who is shy etc etc..... Thats only if you meet me for the first time. If you know me then you are dead coz i wud just torture the hell out of ya by just talking about anythin and everything under the sun and mostly it will be about music. I am a emotional idiot i will accept dat wholeheartedly coz if i dont i know i wud be kicked in my balls by most of my friends :). I don't care about what others think of me but i care a whole lot of wat my dear and near ones think of me. Thats kinda contrary i know but my brain has a lot of short circuits. I actually dont know whether people like me or not coz i just cant control myself i will just tell watever i feel with no censorship :). I am stupid coz i do believe everyone and trust everyone which has got me into the worlds largest pile of SHIT but even after stinking that badly I havent changed much. I do have a complex of me being fat and i always wanted to reduce but i dont do anything much to achieve that possible everest. I am Lazy but i will work hard on things which i love. Thats right i have a very very strong likes and dislikes i wud never do if i dont like a thing. I can go on and on telling abt myself but wud u people go on and on reading abt this good for nothing useless ass :P :P so i m giving you guys a break see ya soon................
P.S to sum it all.... I AM A FATSO who is STUPID and CRAZY in every possible way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I know i had not been writing for about a year now sorry guys i will start writing again now as the internet in my apartment is just too awesome anyways to start with i m gonna review the music of QUICK GUN MURUGAN MOVIE.............

This movie soundtrack must be listened by all i request all coz u will laught for an hour after listening to the songs i guess they decided to promote laughter even through songs man its so funny and music is good but the lyrics is the one which would just take your breathe away.

1. Dialogue Mix This is just the movie dialogues mixed with street village tamil music and its just the dappa kuthu version of the movie its just a title song the lyrics wud just blow your mind as its so superb. Its a good dance music but u cant dance to it coz all u wud do after listening to this is just laugh ur way out...Last line of song SUPER PICTURE ILLA

2.MURUGAN SUPERSTAR sung by Raghu Dixit and Ranina Reddy.... ITS A SUPERB SONG beat is good and the music is good lyrics rocks in this songs too the english lyrics wud make u laugh like anythin its a good song this is also basically an opening title song or a promo song.

3.MIND IT ( TAMIL BHANGRA) MIKA this is a bhangra genre music sung by the bhangra prince MIKA, but this song has a lot tamil words as lyrics and the music is really good not like all bhangra music this is refreshing lyrics is the best in this song too listen to this song first.

4.KYUN KHEEDA HAI AAPKO: No words i can just say one thing for this song just listen to it and u wud know wat i mean they have made the person who sang all the good recent carnatic based songs VIJAY PRAKASH and made him sing such a lousy song which wud be people s fav song soon as its lyrics and tune is simple but gr8.

5. EK THA MURUGAN This song wud have been a gr8 hit if it had been for some other lyrics or rahter the title of the song as the songs music is just rocking the guitar is the best i have listened to in a while voice gives it a jazz feel but the lyrics makes u laugh rather dan enjoying the music and this is also sung by VIJAY PRAKASH its a jazz genre song.

6. CHAT MANGINI LOVER... This is a song which gives u a 1970 feel SD BURMAN LAKSHMIJI PYARELAL kinda feel but it feels as if its a spoof on dat kinda era but the tune is good and gives u the ancient feel but i dont like this song as its kinda spoofing the golden era of Indian music many people wud love this song

7. KUCHI KUCHI TWIST...... Its a fun song which takes u bak to the olden days where the songs in parks where people just dance their way with no particular reason and this song is just fun and its not dat gr8 a song but a one time listen

8.NAAM MERA MANGO DOLLY.... Ha ha the usual seduction song of the past where the villain has a pick up gal who dances and just tries to seduce the hero dat kinda song and the music is just superb and gives u smile in ur face as its trying to mock the olden movies and the songs it had and has many instruments used etc

9.RUGGAMUFFIN MIX... this is a remix of kuhci kuchi but this song just rocks and is a sure shot hit in all radios as it has all the ingredient to make it a song to be listened by all

overall the album is fun a one timer relaxer and at the end wud give ya a smile on ya face

Friday, December 19, 2008



Man is still Lousy greedy and ya most importantly we are still LOSERS.But there is one small change to the scenario they are loaded up with another accessory behind them and that is Oxygen Cylinder......And the funny part is that we should even shit in the pot having a O2 mask on your face. Just imagine that scene fellows.
Do we need this shit and ya we are responsible for that remember that people.

I wanna teach all these factory people a lesson....This is what i wanna do
i want to channelize the gutter and sewage of the area and send that to his drawing room and show him how it is to be in midst of shit coz tat ass does all this to the animals and fishes kills them and kills the people who eat dat too and destry one of the most important thing required for our existence WATER.

Why are we living in this world after destroying almost everything God has ever created why why have u ever thought wat we are doing in this world do we allow other species other than us a lil space atleast to live are we the only kings and people who has the rights to live in this fucked up world

Now coming to few things which each of us can surely do.
1.Plant 2 trees atleast each
2.Every city should have a energy plantation ie various trees planted over a larger area
3.Every state shud have a officer who should not give permission to cut trees till they agree to plant them elsewhere
4.Use common mode of transport don't travel in seperate automob try to have car pooling options or use public transport
5.Emission control shud be strict and must seize vehicles who fail the test
6.All automob shud be disposed after 10 years of service
7.Don't use energy unneccessarily like shut down lights and fans whn not in use etc.
8.Reduce the usage of Lead acid batteries
9.Don't litter water resources.
10.Form an community in every area and join in and start a RO plant for ur water.

I know i cant change the world.But ATLEAST I M TRYING